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I always say writing is a muscle that doesn't retire.

If we take this to be true, I am Ronnie Coleman flexing in his prime.

Magical, like Lionel Messi playing as a False 9.

Potent, like Serena Williams at the US Open in 1999.



A portfolio of what feels like a lifetime of work, containing commissions, books, articles, film & theatre reviews, and interviews.

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Rise Up: The Merky Story So Far

November 2018

I edited and wrote Rise Up: The Merky Story So Far, the biography of Stormzy and his Merky team up until that point. Tremendous project, my first book, which details their epic and organic journey to such moments of success.

Interview with John Boyega for Complex UK

April 2022

I spoke to John Boyega about his work with Converse on the Create Next Film Project and mentoring several young upcoming Black filmmakers

Review of Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby

August 2022

I got invited to a screening of Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby to review it for WhyNow Magazine


Review of the Grime Stories Exhibition

July 2022

I attended the Grime Stories exhibition put together by Jammer and Risky Roadz. I touched on the brilliant historicisation of the genre of Grime, the importance of seeing it as more than music but a cultural movement.

Theatre Review: For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Hue Gets Too Heavy

April 2022

A review for WhyNow on the tremendous theatre show For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Hue Gets Too Heavy

Interview with Reggie Yates for Complex

November 2021

I interviewed Reggie Yates on the back end of the release of Pirates, his first feature length film


Film Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once

May 2022

One of my favourite films this year, Everything Everywhere All At Once, deserves all the accoldaes it gets

Article for Trench Mag: How Kano's Signs In Life Helped Me Rethink My Own

February 2022

Kano's Signs In Life was a track that helped me as a young man. I got the chance to give the rappers his flowers on Trench Mag through a short article explaining why

Article for Complex x Netflix: The Cowboy Era Was Full Of Colour

November 2021

I wrote this piece based on the Netflix movie, The Harder They Fall, where I explored the reality of Cowboy's and how Hollywood whitewashed the tradition


Article for WhyNow: DBK X Sky Studio's Present Unearthed Narratives

March 2022

Unearthed Narratives, a collection of several short films directed and produced by Black filmmakers - mentored by an experienced director Koby Adom. I had the pleasure of watching the collection of shorts and speaking to a few of the filmmakers on the project.

Article for Soho House: Reform begins with the Curriculum

July 2020

I wrote a piece for Soho House detailing the importance of identifying race, its relations with the state, system, and the importance of it being implemented into our curriculum

Interview for Dazed x Nike: Mo Farah & Edson Sabajo of PATTA

March 2022

I interviewed Mo Farah and Edson Sabajo for Nike's third chapter of their short film series The Wave. An interesting conversation about community and investing in ones journey.

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