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A Flickering Star in the Night

A glare from the Earth, England to be specific, sees a flickering Star as meaningful as an ancient hieroglyphic. To wonder on a Star, engaged from afar, the distance the light extends just shows how small we truly are.

Insignificance to a degree binds what we see. It is hard to grieve what doesn’t flicker before our eyes, like distant Stars past the sky. Which shows how much we truly value life, as we are so ready to swat down a fly to shield our perceiving eyes.

If we were to dwell at night on the spell of a curse till dawn, a question. Who would we rather spawn alive in the sunrise? The Humans we know, magnificent or troubled, or the unknown and damned by a Crimewatch fan.

Can we coexist without favouring Stars of our life? For such light to dwindle, it will only rekindle again. Such is the error of a Human being, repetition in existence until our lights totally fade. Hence we wade in dark waters, creating Stars from road dust and cheering them on as glorious gold dust.

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