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Story Time: “All Humans are Humans from dawn to dusk. But once the sun sets…”

It is 3:25pm. cannot tell you when it began, neither can Humanity. Or maybe one has the answer out there, although those who lead Society often guiding them to ease with elegant speech opt to teach us against that paranoia unless they provide them. Who truly knows, should we listen to what we are told? The remnants of War and almost a collective system of Capitalism that fueled the World, hurled into turmoil by the gradual transition into the new state of Humanity. Insanity was the likely and first answer. Suicide, grief, murder, theft and rape. The face of being Humane was abruptly disgraced. In this new World, I alone have grown away from interaction – for I do not know what my fellow Human being is capable for their own needs and satisfaction. A fraction of us have formed smaller Societies, based around the idea to harness this new form. Some glorify it as the next step in evolution whilst others see it a curse. The religious? Many lost their faith in the Crossover, losing their mind like anyone else. Most claimed spiritualism and associated it with their own creeds success, whilst vocal atheists attempted to refute such claims by pointing out the spread and effect of the Crossover. I always witnessed the World as an enormous argument, maybe portraying our intrinsic animal nature. The urge to oppose another, whether it is by territoriality, ideologically or the enticement to cause pain by ones own angst. Today violence, dominance, are marks of the state of nature. You have no say if you cannot physically command your will. Maybe that’s why…

It is 5pm, and the Sun is seeping through the clouds, sinking into the Ocean. Such visuals present comfort to me, knowing that in a few hours I might not be me. What is the use of writing if one cannot read past dusk? Humanity looks at books, words and notes with disgust, analysing the time they have left with their ruling self. Or at least that is what I expect. Our experiences of this new phenomenon are probably not the same. No way to analyse it as our centre’s which mastered the capacity of the brain have been destroyed or for some reason looted. All I have is a sheltered home, a few reasonable minded neighbours and some crops. An arsenal and memorabilia of the former life, which feels weird to write. I have never really written about this new one, I cannot pinpoint what is exactly fun. A totally new experience we must adapt to, but all we have worked for previously no longer matters. When the Sunsets, the mind of the Human being begins to fade. Brain waves pace loses its place as the commanding force of the body, you feel yourself losing out to life itself. It feels like death, I guess. Numbness of the hand and feet, chest then legs, silence of the heart and a light head. At times I feel euphoric by it, though many a time I am defeated by passions of my former reality. I want to touch and feel again, grow and learn, watch a camp fire burn offering friends something else to learn and wait until its my turn again. It all flashes before me as I slip into the next plane. Then I vanish, no longer man but an immaterial soul, which sometimes offers a glow. In the distance at night we do not need light, for the beautiful sight of a tortured city and life brightened by the souls of Humanity. It is a shame that we do not know how to utilise this form and it has inspired madness. Although it should be said, every transformation feels like a loss of the self. It takes moments longer to return to Humanity. Maybe we are suffering by our own vanity, haughty by the Human form that we projected onto God. Now faced with a new reality that escapes the body, we cannot function.

It is now 6:25. My left arm is useless, and my face is numb. I feel a twitch in my thumb as I write. I might lose my life today, fading away like the many lifeless or rather soulless bodies that decorate the roads and occupy the lakes. Maybe the new form is a big break, one that by God we have no option to take. Not God conventionally. No, that would be a mistake for life seems full of energies and forces we cannot comprehend. If only Humanity worked together to spend our existence finding that truth.

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