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To be Humane

​A Human is an animal gathering love and a sense of Law. Once so cold but through love it thawed, spawned a connection of ties which will be undone by Human natures lies.

Like a wildfire we know but cannot direct the flow of these passions. The comforting fire embracing the gathered warms their hearts, even during the most aggressive parts.

So we laugh by our love of violence, feel so encouraged to deny it by silence. The song of Human pain craves sympathy, empathy and a brain to cross reference the two again.

For this benevolence we have witnessed throughout Humanity, arguably it is the idea of sanity. The insane and completely deranged, the deviance that paints this World so strange.

What exactly does it mean to be Humane? To not know love since it is so easy to shrug, to feel so enticed to act like a thug. To dread the conceptions of the looming Gov. To accept and deal with all above?

A combination of right and wrong, the long life without a guiding light. To be lit by living no longer victim to tradition and culture, or Society when you feel dead inside and it picks on you like a vulture.

The variety of the Humane place we live gives me strength to create. To hate or aspire, to tread carefully as if I constantly lived on a Wire.

Tapping into a beautiful mind, one forever kind and inspiring. Admiring and acknowledging, the sense of wonder is truly astonishing. As the patterns we recognise and shape to optimising living, the demands of the Humane is chilling.

Murderous and old, relentless as it moulds the state of Humanity until the next shift. We shift from modes of thoughts and feelings, like we lived in different Worlds.

Which makes it all the more beautiful when it twirls and orbits in sync, like the Planets signed to the Sun. Shining down on this Earth, everyday a bit more I have learned – to be Humane is to recognise the brilliance of this existential stardust.

The lust of love that clumps us together to form matter that matters, to create magnificence and berate the great evils and nuisances we live.

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