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To Disappoint

To disappoint is to disobey

To throw away an opportunity to please

To cheese at a snap of life where you just might appease someone you respect

The vibrating feeling on expectations met

Although the other end of a glorious appointment is maybe a threat

A harsh statement from a friend or family, as strong as a witches hex

How magical it feels not to disappoint, not to unravel these rusty joints

Smoking to a point a high is in obedience, wary of potential deviance and the challenges to a Human face

As the ability of sin fell from Grace and gathered with haste to achieve is to heave and ho against the slumping disappointment

To mask it with enjoyment, or tackle it like a garrison ready for deployment – the Human state is one that plays with a constant battle of disappointment

Either end can feel like poison

To obey is to break that Human tone of revolt, to explore and denote and choke the restricted nature we plagiarise

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