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Touching On A Little Bit Of Everything: #5 – The Happiest Guy In The World

Happiness. The innate currency that constantly cruises through the brain. Playing positivity against the pain, in order to rain on fertile hope. It soaks time, combining effort and one is already inclined as they would find overtime they live in order of their happiness. To eject sadness, outweigh the emptiness and fulfill the void of a pending deadliness. I often wonder, when was I at my happiest and what am I doing this all for. Is it to ignore the ocean of swollen ill feelings, experiences and weighted what ifs – or is it truly a necessity to witness happiness a constant gift. That builds to an expiry date, where one must seek pastures new. In this 10 minute documentary, Lance Oppenheim provides an insight to an unconventional lifestyle. One that makes a man stake a claim at being The Happiest Guy In The World.

Super Mario Salcedo, this film was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival

On a cruise for 19 years, “Super” Mario Salcedo has created a name for himself as a Legendary cruiser. Dubbed by crew members of the Enchantment of the Seas, a vision class cruise ship in service from Royal Caribbean International, a cruise line brand. Having retired from a corporate lifestyle with his goals already achieved, Mario had no space to grieve or open himself up to the insidious degrees of emptiness, a growing dejection. When you have achieved all you dream of the steam which energises one to work so hard to grasp fizzles out, to a state of contentedness. However, Mario believes he has completed his means, retiring to a constant cruise where all his needs are appeased. An overwhelming corporate lifestyle which made him absent from home, a time he glosses over fairly easily.

Views, Super Mario enjoying More Life

Having spent over 7,300 nights at sea with Royal Caribbean International, becoming absent from friends and family for this new life at sea, he believes his freedom is immense. His clothes are washed, bedding changed, foods and snacks provided in a repetitive phase. The craze of numerous faces passing through the cruises ways, as well as the staff inclined to smile at his familiar face. It reminds me of a movie scene, where one is stuck in an element they admire retired to an easy life. Yet Mario singing praises of his lifestyle chase the short-lived unease I built in my head. I started to dread his own livelihood. Considering what I have in others, and another paradigm of living this documentary presented. A lone ranger type individual, offering an account for his spectacular lifestyle. I cannot amount jealousy as the idea makes me seasick, though it seems fragments of “normality” still reside in Mario. He entertains other passengers, expressing his livelihood passively, which makes you want to question his longing to be at sea. Proud, he is shrouded with the variables of his own content mood. Shrugging off love, loneliness, and demand by Society’s weight.

Underwater aboard on water, always been strange to me but – a cruiser gon cruise

Through cruise to cruise, Super Mario is secreted in a comfort he cannot lose. The documentary itself offers stunning visuals, adding allure to an already aquatic and sedative setting.

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